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BT - Carbon Trust Standard Bearer for Carbon

BT achieved the Carbon Trust Standard shortly after its launch in 2008, and has held it continuously ever since.



Following on from reaching its 2020 goals early, in 2017 BT set itself a new science-based target, which is in line with the higher ambition 1.5°C goal contained in the Paris Agreement. This requires the company to continue making rapid emissions reductions over the years to come. The new target has BT aiming to reduce their carbon emissions intensity per unit of gross value added by 87% by 2030, when compared to 2016/17 levels.


Moving beyond its own operations, BT has made substantial emission reductions in areas outside its own direct control. The company is also working towards a target to help its customers save three times the end-to-end carbon impact of BT’s own business, through using its products and services. It is actively collaborating with its suppliers to help them reduce their emissions, working with them through initiatives including BT’s Better Future Supplier Forum to share best practices.

For over a decade the Carbon Trust has been a key partner in our journey to becoming a more sustainable business, providing us with independent advice and assurance to give us confidence we can deliver on our ambitions. We recognise that the early action we have taken on climate change – including being one of the longest serving holders of the Carbon Trust Standard – has helped us to get to where we are today and has inspired other businesses to raise their goals.

Gabrielle Ginér, Head of Environment, BT

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