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Warehouse (business model innovation)

Business model innovation: making the leap in sustainable value creation

Posted by Aleyn Smith-Gillespie | 5 October 2017 | Viewpoint

To meet the environmental and social challenges the world currently faces, innovation needs to go beyond just products and technologies: we need new business models.

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Why BT is raising the bar on climate action

Why BT is raising the bar on climate action

12 September 2017 | Viewpoint

How can a company like BT play its part in ensuring the ambition in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C is realised? Viewpoint by Gabrielle Giner, Head of Sustainable Business Policy, BT

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Offshore wind farm

Carbon Trust response to latest CFD auction results

Posted by Tom Delay | 11 September 2017 | Viewpoint

The Carbon Trust is delighted to see the latest CFD results and proud of the role the Offshore Wind Accelerator has played in making them possible.

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Smart energy

Smart cities need smarter citizens to deliver on the promise of new energy technologies

Posted by Richard Rugg | 26 July 2017 | Viewpoint

Today there is a lot of innovative new technology being developed to enable the cleaner, more efficient energy system that will be needed in the smart cities of the future. But technology does not drive change by itself – you still need to factor in the human element.

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ESOS Phase 2

ESOS Phase 2 has arrived – start planning for how to get maximum value from going through the compliance process

Posted by Hugh Jones | 21 June 2017 | Viewpoint

It is official – the compliance period for Phase 2 of the UK government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is underway and qualifying organisations are now able to begin the compliance process.

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Donald Trump

How should the world react to US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement? Ignore Trump and get on with the job

Posted by Michael Rea | 2 June 2017 | Viewpoint

Donald Trump has announced that he wants America to be the first country to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. However, Trump’s actions are unlikely to have any effect on the direction in which the world is travelling, which is increasingly towards a low carbon economy – primarily driven by the business opportunity.

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