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What is ‘zero waste to landfill’?

Posted by Morgan Jones | 14 March 2017 | Viewpoint

A number of UK organisations are making positive progress on reducing waste, but are they making accurate claims about their achievements?

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UK public sector sustainability priorities for 2017

Posted by Richard Rugg | 17 February 2017 | Viewpoint

As we come up towards our annual Public Sector Conference, I usually take a moment to reflect on the year gone by and the progress made in in the UK, as well as the challenges that will exist in the coming year.

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Mexico’s energy reform challenges in the context of Nationally Determined Contributions on Climate Change

Posted by Soffia Alarcon-Diaz | 26 January 2017 | Viewpoint

On March 27th 2015, Mexico became the first developing country to present its nationally determined contribution (NDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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4 ways to help clean tech hit a home run

Posted by Eric Lounsbury | 22 December 2016 | Viewpoint

Bill Gates and his dream team of globally recognised business leaders have announced the creation of Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) — a $1 billion, 20-year fund vowing to take on 55 "technical quests" across five "grand challenges" of energy innovation. Here are four key considerations we should hope BEV has taken to heart if it is to live up to its potential.

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How science-based targets can help us think bigger for our planet

16 December 2016 | Viewpoint

In 2008 BT set a science-based target to reduce their operational worldwide carbon emissions intensity by 80% by 2020. After meeting that target last year they are now aiming higher. Here they tell us why.

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Climate change 2016: reasons to be cheerful

Climate Change in 2016: 16 Reasons to be Cheerful

14 December 2016 | Viewpoint

Some of the highlights from 2016 that show how we might just get on track to deliver a sustainable, low carbon future.

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