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Figure 1 - thermal image

Thermography: a tool for retrofit of traditional buildings

8 June 2017 | Insight Paper

Dr Jo Atkinson from the Carbon Trust describes how the technology can be used effectively to reduce energy costs and improve thermal comfort for occupants.

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Atmospheric carbon dioxide

400 PPM and the next four years

22 June 2016 | Insight Paper

What current atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration tells us about the need to stabilise the global climate and the need for a step change in government, city and business action.

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Connected globe for international carbon reduction

The Paris Agreement: What does it mean for business?

17 December 2015 | Insight Paper

The Paris Agreement is also the first global agreement on climate change that involves contributions to act by all countries – resulting in a tapestry of measures that will place countries well down the path towards a low carbon economy. This article is written as part of the COP21 Blog Series.

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Offshore wind turbines

Offshore wind in China

10 September 2014 | Insight Paper

China's ambitious offshore wind targets of installing 5GW of offshore wind capacity by 2015 and 30GW by 2020 would eclipse capacity in other countries. This insight paper looks at the challenges to the development of China's offshore wind industry.

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Industrial renewable heat

Posted by João Lampreia | 1 May 2014 | Insight Paper

What are the opportunities for renewable heat technology in industry? Renewable heat is key in supporting industrial prosperity in a sustainable, low carbon economy. João Lampreia looks at the current state of renewable heat in each of the five main industrial sub-sectors, and further opportunities for its use.

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