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Volunteers needed for market research

10 October 2017 | News
Mobile app - carbon emissions from energy use

Contribute to ground breaking research to help bill payers and households understand their carbon emissions relating to their energy use.

Earlier this year The Carbon Trust and Western Power Distribution sought participants for a market research interview. We were seeking feedback about useful consumer services that could be provided by a downloadable app aimed at bill payers and households that focused on the carbon intensity of the user’s local electricity supply.

We have spoken to a range of stakeholders in order to understand what sort of app will be engaging to users. We are now seeking further participants for the next stage of the app development. A prototype of the app has been designed by our partners, and we are looking for volunteers to trial the prototype during a 30 minute interview.

To contribute to this ground breaking research please follow the link below to let us know how best to contact you.


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