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Following a successful pilot, the Carbon Trust has launched the second phase of its Low Carbon States programme in Mexico, thanks to funding from the UK government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This has enabled the programme to expand to provide five state governments with structured carbon management support, with Morelos, Yucatán and Baja California joining Jalisco and Tabasco, who continue on from phase one of the programme.


The Low Carbon States programme harnesses the Carbon Trust’s extensive experience in supporting local governments around the world, helping them to deliver significant reductions in carbon emissions and energy costs from their own estates. The programme also focuses on how the states can provide transformational leadership to reduce carbon emissions in their local areas, with the five current participants representing a combined population of over 17 million people.

In the first phase of the programme Jalisco set a target to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020, with Tabasco targeting a reduction of 15% over the same period. These targets were supported by a detailed plan which identified a number of cost-effective behavioural and technical projects, such as the implementation of a large wind farm to directly supply low carbon electricity to Jalisco’s state government.

In the current phase of the programme Morelos, Yucatán and Baja California will be developing their own targets and carbon management plans, while Jalisco and Tabasco will receive ongoing implementation support from the Carbon Trust. This will help local government to play a key role in delivering Mexico’s ambitious national targets on climate change.

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