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The Carbon Trust is supporting the HSSMI (High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute) to establish a proposed Centre of Excellence for Remanufacturing


The concept for the Centre initially came out of the All-Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, with the intention of helping to provide independent knowledge and practical advice to British industry that would promote remanufacturing.

A recent survey conducted by the HSSMI at the Resource event, hosted in early March in London, showed that the automotive, electronic equipment and rail sectors were seen as having the greatest potential for remanufacturing.

Although a handful of businesses are currently involved in remanufacturing, many that are not currently doing so identify barriers including a lack of expertise, skills and capabilities. Beyond this, comparatively few products are currently being designed for remanufacture, with barriers here including the fact that this is not being a customer requirement.


HSSMI and the Carbon Trust believe to deliver a sustainable economy there is a need to increase professional support and research in this area. We are pleased with the results to date but are still keen to hear from people engaged within the domain of remanufacturing, resource recovery and the circular economy, to gauge overall interest.

Simon Barnes, HSSMI Business Development Manager

Business needs to develop its understanding of remanufacturing and adapt its processes accordingly. A Centre of Excellence is the perfect way to do so and we are keen to gather support for this concept.

Aleyn Smith-Gillespie, Carbon Trust Associate Director

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