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Premier Inn, the UK’s leading hotel chain, showcased the lessons it has learned in sustainability to visiting local MP, Dan Rogerson, at a tour of the Premier Inn in his home town of Bodmin on Friday 17 January. The visit, hosted by Whitbread and the Carbon Trust, highlighted insights on carbon, water and waste reduction and what other UK businesses could do to improve their environmental performance.

Whitbread was the first company in the world to achieve certification to the Carbon Trust Standard for reducing carbon, water and waste. Representatives from Whitbread and the Carbon Trust explained to Rogerson, who is also the Minister at Defra responsible for waste, water and resource efficiency, how its ambitious sustainability programme is being delivered across all Whitbread brands.

During the visit, Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification for the Carbon Trust, presented the triple award to the Whitbread team.

Premier Inn Carbon Trust Standard

From left to right: Dan Rogerson MP, Ben Brakes – Environmental Manager, Whitbread. Chris George – Head of Energy and Environment, Whitbread, Darran Messem – Managing Director, Certification, Carbon Trust, Carmela Rustico – Cluster General Manager for Premier Inn in Cornwall, Christine Heaver –Veolia Environmental, Andy Jenkinson – General Manager, Table Table, Bodmin.


We are delighted to receive this award from the Carbon Trust. It is a recognition of our achievements in reducing carbon, water and waste under our 'Good Together' corporate responsibility programme. We have set ourselves clear targets for reducing our waste, water and energy consumption. Last year alone, Whitbread reduced its water consumption by over 12% and diverted over 93% of its waste from being sent to landfill. These figures show significant progress across all our hotels, restaurants and coffee shops and we are committed to continuing that momentum. At Whitbread, we are constantly challenging ourselves to become more sustainable. We aim to demonstrate that big companies can be responsible and can make a positive impact. This award reflects our achievements to date and we aim to build and develop our programme on an on-going basis.

Chris George, Head of Energy and Environment at Whitbread


Rogerson met with Premier Inn staff and was taken on a tour of the hotel. Premier Inn staff showcased the hotel’s range of waste recycling facilities and team engagement methods, explaining how Whitbread has achieved the reductions that enabled it to achieve the Carbon Trust Standards.  

Carmela Rustico, Cluster General Manager for Premier Inn in Cornwall, told Rogerson about Premier Inn's Good Together engagement campaign ‘Switch it Off’ and Whitbread’s impressive recruitment targets, which include its aims to create new jobs for over 8,000 people in the next five years and taking on over 2,000 new apprentices.



At Premier Inn we believe lots of little actions make a big impact. A big part of achieving our environmental 'Good Together' targets comes from working closely with our teams. Encouraging our team members to turn off lights and training them to help save waste, water and energy has had a really positive effect. The Carbon Trust certification is recognition of the hard work of every single Whitbread employee and is a great team effort.

Andy Jenkinson, the General Manager for the Table Table Restaurant, Bodmin


Following the tour, Ben Brakes, Environment Manager for Whitbread, discussed with Rogerson what the company has done to become one of the few to achieve the Carbon Trust Waste Standard certification. Rogerson was interested in how Whitbread's work could be replicated throughout Cornwall and the rest of the hospitality industry.



Whitbread has impressed the Carbon Trust with its tireless work in not only cutting its carbon footprint, but also its waste and water. It is therefore a pleasure to recognise Whitbread with our new certification. The award is truly well-deserved and we look forward to seeing Whitbread continue its impressive and industry-leading work.

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification for the Carbon Trust


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