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Hong Kong business - container ship

New product carbon footprinting and labelling scheme for Hong Kong businesses

18 July 2013 | News

Chinese Manufacturers Association (CMA) has today signed a memorandum of understanding with the Carbon Trust, to develop a product carbon footprint and labelling scheme for businesses in Hong Kong.

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Event at the House of Lords to celebrate five years of the Carbon Trust Standard

Five years of the Carbon Trust Standard

16 July 2013 | News

On 1 July 2013 over 150 people gathered on the Terrace of the House of Lords at an event hosted by Lord Oxburgh to celebrate five years of the Carbon Trust Standard.

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Carbon reporting

Webinar: Mandatory Carbon Reporting

10 July 2013 | News

Does your business have to report? Can you meet the requirements? How do you maximise the benefits to your business?

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Hydrogen economy

Where next for hydrogen?

10 July 2013 | Viewpoint

Alex Hart, Strategy Manager, argues the emergence of hydrogen technologies could help support the rapid deployment of renewable energy

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Needle in a haystack

Efficient lighting tops energy efficiency investment league for businesses

10 July 2013 | News

Carbon Trust launches Green Business Directory to give reassurance to organisations investing in energy efficiency equipment and low carbon technologies

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Business waste - bales of paper

Carbon Trust to take on waste

3 July 2013 | News

New Waste Standard from Carbon Trust to help organisations reduce their waste.

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