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On the evening of Monday 10 December 2012 the Carbon Trust hosted its annual debate, asking the question of whether Europe was falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to green growth. The debate was chaired by Associate Editor of the Times, Camilla Cavendish, and featured a panel of world-leading experts:

  • Jason Eis, Deputy Director, Global Green Growth Institute
  • Dr Horst-Tore Land, Director ecomagination, GE
  • Tom Murley, Director, HgCapital
  • James Smith, Chairman, Carbon Trust
  • Dimitri Zenghelis, Visting Fellow, London School of Economics

Topics covered included:

  • Lack of political cohesion in Europe
  • The relative positions of the US and Asia
  • Carbon 2.0: models to take carbon reduction to the next level
  • Clear policy signals for investment
  • Providing effective incentives
  • Consumer attitudes
  • Research and development needs
  • Technology choice and leapfrog technologies
  • The power of market forces
  • The impact of energy efficiency
  • Regulatory complexity
  • How to frame the media debate


Listen to the debate

Listen to the debate:


Watch a video of the event:



View images in the gallery below:


Carbon Trust Green Growth Debate


Carbon Trust Green Growth Debate Panel

Carbon Trust Green Growth debate

Audience at Carbon Trust's Green Growth Debate


Tom Delay, Carbon Trust, Green Growth Debate

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