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Brazil low carbon opportunity

Businesses urged to compete for growing low carbon opportunities

16 October 2012 | News

Low carbon business opportunities in Brazil and South Korea stretch into billions of pounds, two reports published by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) reveal.

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Green IT and greener computing

Six drivers for the development of Green IT

Posted by Andie Stephens | 15 October 2012 | Viewpoint

What are the forces pushing companies to green IT? Andie Stephens, Senior Consultant, Business Advice looks at six drivers for greener computing

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Fuel cell technology

The future of fuel cell technology - Investing in Fuel Cells

Posted by James Wilde | 8 October 2012 | Viewpoint

The future of fuel cells and how breakthrough technologies can unlock the value of fuel cells in the automotive market - talk by James Wilde, Director, Innovation and Policy

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Local authority carbon reduction

Keeping councils at the heart of carbon reduction

1 October 2012 | Viewpoint

Local authorities are being encouraged to lead the way on energy efficiency and carbon reduction in their areas - Viewpoint by Tim Pryce, Head of Public Sector

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