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Energy efficient boilers

Efficient use of boilers could save £400million

29 February 2012 | News

The simple, low-cost action that could improve the efficiency of your organisation’s hot water boiler and reduce your energy bills.

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Fuel cell technology

Carbon Trust £1million boost to UK fuel-cell technology

21 February 2012 | News

How we helped to develop the fuel cell that could be powering your car by 2017.

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World map

GE and Carbon Trust to accelerate European clean technology

20 February 2012 | News

Low carbon innovators are set to benefit from a new funding partnership that bucks the trend of decreasing European clean energy investment.

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Public sector building

Public sector most committed to carbon reduction

13 February 2012 | News

Public sector bodies are more concerned about cutting carbon emissions than private or third-sector organisations, according to a revealing survey.

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Tidal energy

Carbon Trust in consortium to set up Catapult centre

9 February 2012 | News

A group created by three leading low-carbon innovators has been selected to help create a new offshore renewable-energy research centre.

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Green footprint

Creating change through carbon footprinting

8 February 2012 | Viewpoint

Darran Messem, Managing Director, Carbon Trust Certification, on the value of carbon reduction for businesses

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