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Compressed air

How companies can save money from thin air

25 January 2012 | News

Businesses in the UK could save £110million by using their compressed air systems more efficiently, a new study has revealed.

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Low Carbon Workplace

Low-Carbon Workplace Trust announces new investment

24 January 2012 | News

The energy efficient property group has received a financial boost as real-estate investment business The Townsend Group decides to invest.

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Fuel cell technology

Carbon Trust’s response to the Government’s H2 Mobility announcement

18 January 2012 | News

Technology Commercialisation Manager Dr Ben Graziano on the potential of hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel.

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Green finance

The financial imperative for cutting carbon in the value chain

Posted by Dominic Burbridge | 10 January 2012 | Viewpoint

Fewer than half of all multinationals address indirect carbon emissions in the supply chain ─ and are missing out on considerable cost savings as a result. Dominic Burbridge, Associate Director – Business Advice, recommends a smarter business strategy.

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Empower - empowering employees to reduce workplace emissions

Online tool enlists employees in war against rising energy bills

5 January 2012 | News

Whitbread is one of the first major businesses to sign up to a new Carbon Trust initiative targeting £500million of energy and waste savings in the workplace.

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