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Woodchips for biomass boiler

What the RHI means for Biomass Heat

30 November 2011 | Viewpoint

The Government's Renewable Heat Incentive and the growth of a new sustainable-fuel market. By Daniel Sullivan, Biomass Heat Accelerator Project, Carbon Trust.

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International flags

Durban: our reflections on COP17

Posted by Simon Retallack | 28 November 2011 | Viewpoint

A low-carbon future: the Durban Platform, Kyoto, and climate finances. By Simon Retallack, Strategy Manager

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Green building

Green Deal – Comments from the Carbon Trust

23 November 2011 | News

Carbon Trust response to news on the Green Deal

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Local authority carbon reduction

Public Sector carbon targets double in face of economic gloom

22 November 2011 | News

Carbon Trust urges central Government’s 25% carbon target to be extended to whole of public sector to save more than £2bn in cost savings

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Carbon footprint

Where to start with reducing indirect carbon emissions

Posted by Martin Barrow | 21 November 2011 | Viewpoint

Martin Barrow, world-leading authority on product and service carbon footprinting, gives a step-by-step guide to reducing indirect carbon emissions.

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Overview of Greenhouse Gas Protocol scopes and emissions across the value chain

Indirect carbon emissions and why they matter

Posted by Hugh Jones | 7 November 2011 | Viewpoint

The value of addressing 'scope 3' or indirect emissions by Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Business Advice, the Carbon Trust

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