Transforming Energy Access: Health and Safety Support Service Design Phase

The Carbon Trust as delivery lead for the research consortium of the Transforming Energy Access (TEA) platform, is looking to procure the services of a consultant with experience in Health & Safety (H&S) more broadly, and specifically in off-grid or informal clean energy access projects (or a consortium with these collective skills).  

Aligned to our overarching ambition to support a safer and more inclusive clean energy access sector, the consultant(s) will seek to identify opportunities within the existing TEA portfolio to better deliver off-grid energy access solutions in a way that promotes and encourages H&S best practice, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.  

In adopting recommended practices from the outputs of this work, we anticipate TEA project delivery to improve, including in terms of safety, customer, beneficiary, and employee experience and ultimately leading to a more positive profile of the companies involved in TEA projects which will help to drive sales / and reduce operational costs (e.g., from lower/attainable insurance, reduced sick days, etc.).

The deadline for clarification questions has now passed. Answers to questions received can be downloaded below.

The closing date to receive tender submissions has been extended to 5 July 2023 at 17:00 BST. 

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines to, with in copy.