Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme: Structural Design Guidance for Vibrodriving (SDGV)

Call for entries from companies and consortia interested in undertaking a study for the OWA Foundations Technical Working Group (TWG-F) to investigate the impacts of vibrodriving on the structural design of monopiles for offshore wind turbine generators.

The main objective of this study is to assess the industry’s current knowledge of vibrodriving and to develop guidance for the structural design of monopiles installed by vibrodriving.

The expected benefit of this work is to increase confidence in the structural design of offshore vibrodriven monopiles and to raise industry interest in vibrodriving as a foundation installation solution.

The deadline for clarification questions is 7 May 2024 at 13:00 BST.

The closing date to receive tender submissions is 29 May 2024 13:00 BST.

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines, to with in copy.

The deadline for clarification questions has now passed. Answers to the questions can be found in the clarification question document below.