Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme: Utilisation of Ballast Systems for Stability Control of Floating Platforms (BSSC)

Calling for entries from companies and consortia interested in undertaking a study investigating the feasibility of different various ballast systems for floating wind platforms.
The Floating Wind JIP would like to further understand the viability of various ballast systems for floating offshore wind platforms, and provide a basis for selecting configurations when considering the full system lifecycle. The project should evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and cost benefits of various ballast systems, with a focus on the post-installation phase.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Investigate current and emerging state-of-the-art ballast systems for floating offshore wind platforms to understand the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of various advanced systems for different wind turbine platform archetypes;
  • Undertake a cost benefit analysis through various stages of the system lifecycle, considering costs associated with risk mitigation, to understand the benefit of active ballast systems compared to passive ballast systems;
  • Investigate the requirements and procedures for associated equipment and systems and how these need to be adapted for varying metocean conditions and environments
  • Define an operations and maintenance strategy for the lifetime of the identified ballast systems.

The deadline for clarification questions is 24 May 2024.

The closing date to receive tender submissions is 17:00 BST 19 June 2024.

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines to daniel.yates@carbontrust.com, with floatingwind@carbontrust.com in copy.