WHEB Asset Management seeks impact methodology review from the Carbon Trust

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The Carbon Trust has worked with positive impact investor, WHEB Asset Management to peer review its impact measurement methodology, in addition to examining its underlying calculations to help ensure the reliability of the impact figures reported.

The methodology underpins WHEB’s 6th impact measurement report - Solutions in a Time of Crisis - which highlights a new ‘impact engine’ methodology framework and explores carbon footprinting in greater detail. 

Investors are increasingly interested in the environmental and social impact of their investments and are factoring impact into their allocation decisions. An independent review provides improved confidence in the data and the integrity of the impact reporting.

As the demand for greater transparency increases, the guidance and structure around impact analysis and reporting has continued to advance. This has resulted in greater consensus around good practice which is helping to deliver more consistency and comparability of reported information. 

WHEB has one of the longest established impact investment strategies in listed equities. Appointing the Carbon Trust to peer review its methodology and examine its calculations demonstrates WHEB Asset Management’s continued commitment to improving transparency on its impact reporting.

Seb Beloe, partner and head of research at WHEB Asset Management said: 

“WHEB pioneered fund impact measurement and reporting in 2016. Since then the practice has matured with better quality data and increasing standardisation. In 2020, we felt that it was appropriate to have our methodology peer-reviewed by an independent expert. The Carbon Trust has been a leader in codifying best practice in impact reporting and we were very pleased that their review concluded that our methodology is consistent with international best practices.”

Thora H. Frost, senior manager, green finance team at the Carbon Trust commented:

“The more investors can understand and demonstrate the impact of their investments, both environmental and social, the greater contribution they can make to supporting a just transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy. We were really pleased to be invited to conduct a review of the methodology underpinning the 6th impact measurement report. 

“The project clearly demonstrates WHEB’s continued commitment to help progress this important area. We are seeing an increased appetite from asset managers and issuers of green finance products for assistance and assurance around impact reporting and we welcome that continuing trend.”


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