Webinar: Energy policy for SME energy efficiency in Mexico

Mexico is firmly committed to finding a path to development in a climate compatible way. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are essential to this effort – generating 52% of GDP. By deploying energy efficient technologies, SMEs could increase competitiveness, and create jobs, while reducing emissions significantly.

Important barriers are blocking this: in particular SMEs cannot access affordable finance and lack the expertise to identify and implement opportunities.

At the request of the Mexican President’s office to draw on UK expertise in improving SME energy efficiency, the Carbon Trust has designed a large-scale, high-impact programme to help overcome those barriers and support SME energy efficiency, based on the Carbon Trust’s experience of running similar programmes in the UK over more than 10 years.

The webinar, presented by Simon Retallack, Associate Director, the Carbon Trust, covers:

  • Mexico’s policy context
  • Barriers to energy efficiency faced by SMEs
  • What our programme seeks to do, through:
  • providing concessional loans to SMEs to invest in energy efficiency improvements and demonstrate the viability of SME energy efficiency finance to commercial banks
  • a programme of awareness-raising and energy-saving advice to accelerate the deployment of energy efficient equipment.
  • Expected programme reach and impact


View the webinar recording: