The British Energy Challenge exhibition - exploring how we make and use energy

Today ‘energy’ is something that is taken for granted, we’ve forgotten how extraordinary it actually is. How we make and use energy is one of the most urgent issues facing the UK, impacting on our economy, the bills we pay and the environment we live in.

The British Energy Challenge exhibition held in Manchester took visitors on an journey exploring energy in the UK, looking at:

  • The energy challenge – why does the UK energy system need to change?
  • The economic opportunity – spotlight on growth, innovation and jobs
  • Consumer help – what action can we take to cut energy use and pay less?

The free exhibition, organised by The Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Carbon Trust. featured interactive demonstrations, including a smoothie bike, a low carbon house and a model marine current turbine.  Visitors explored energy generation, renewable technologies, climate change, and how we can save energy and cut costs.