Offshore Wind Accelerator invites responses to stakeholder survey on Underwater Inspection Methods

As part of its Offshore Wind Accelerator Programme, the Carbon Trust has identified that offshore wind is increasingly reliant on a number of sub-sea inspection and survey operations and that these can prove both risky and costly to the industry. Therefore, the Carbon Trust is seeking to understand what methodologies and technologies are currently in use for performing sub-sea surveys, inspections and other works (in both oil and gas, and renewables) and investigating areas which need further development as well as promising technologies.

This project will benefit the wider industry, as the Carbon Trust wishes to support identified emerging technologies which have the potential to tackle the challenges being faced today and in the future.

A key part of the work is to gather information from a wide range of stakeholders through questionnaires and associated engagement. This questionnaire is not exclusive and therefore we actively encourage you to pass it on to colleagues or contacts with experience of sub-sea inspections or surveys or who regularly use data from sub-sea inspections or surveys.

The data collected through this questionnaire will be processed and anonymized by the project team, and presented to the Carbon Trust (Foundation Technical Working Group). The project team is made of the companies INNOSEA, Cruz Atcheson, and Everoze.

Filling the questionnaire will take you between 10 and 25 min, according to how many types of inspection you are experienced with.

Answers from the questionnaire are expected for the 16 December 2016 at latest. Later answers will also be considered, but may not be part of the report presented to the Technical Working Group.