New research examines young adults’ attitudes towards climate change and carbon footprinting

New research from the Carbon Trust examines how young adults' attitudes towards climate change and carbon footprinting influence their purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. The survey of consumers aged 18-25 in China, Korea, South Africa, Brazil, the USA and the UK reveals a divide between attitudes to carbon reduction in the East and West.

83% of young people questioned in China say they would be more loyal to a brand if they could see it was reducing its carbon footprint, compared to 73% in Korea, 55% in the UK and 57% in the USA. 

60% of Chinese young adults who participated in the research say they would stop buying a product if its manufacturer refused to commit to measuring and reducing its carbon footprint, followed by 57% in Brazil, 53% in Korea and 35% and 36% in the US and UK respectively. 

How do today's young consumers perceive carbon footprinting?