New product carbon footprinting and labelling scheme for businesses in Hong Kong

The Chinese Manufacturers Association (CMA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Carbon Trust, to develop a product carbon footprint and labelling scheme for businesses in Hong Kong.

The labelling scheme will communicate product environmental credentials, raising awareness of product carbon footprints among companies and consumers in Hong Kong, and help differentiate companies products from their competitors. 

This new initiative forms part of a wider strategy across the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), to increase export competitiveness by using carbon footprint information as a differentiator and mark of product quality.  The export market, including a burgeoning trade with Mainland China, is significant for Hong Kong, accounting for 3,434 billion HKD in 2012 alone.

The project will be delivered over a two-year period with a plan to launch the scheme in 2015. CMA and the Carbon Trust aim to have 100 companies signed up to the initiative in the first two years from across all sectors, including the largest contributors; food, textiles, electric & electronic goods and building materials.

Read the full press release: New product carbon footprinting and labelling scheme for Hong Kong businesses