KONGSBERG's Guildford offices become second ever to receive Carbon Trust's Low Carbon Workplace Standard

KONGSBERG’s offices in Guildford, Surrey has become the second recipient of the Carbon Trust’s Low Carbon Workplace Standard. KONGSBERG was awarded the Standard in recognition of the successful ongoing energy efficient operation of the office, following its refurbishment by the Carbon Trust’s Low Carbon Workplace business.

The office, which is located in a 160-year-old former printing press, incorporates a number of innovative energy efficient features. This includes an active chilled beam system that circulates water through pipes suspended from the ceiling, providing highly efficient heating, cooling and ventilation. The office also features an advanced metering and monitoring system, allowing KONGSBERG to see how it has been consuming energy relative to how it has been using the building.

Data gathered by the metering and monitoring system underpins the ongoing support provided to KONGSBERG from the Carbon Trust. The Carbon Trust uses data to identify opportunities to improve the building’s efficiency by more closely matching its energy consumption patterns with its usage patterns.

At KONGSBERG we are committed to operating our businesses in a sustainable manner. The Carbon Trust’s support enables us to regularly visualise our energy consumption and carbon emissions at our Guildford facility, which means we can manage our building to optimise our energy usage, reduce our costs and in doing so improve our environmental impact.

- Mike Topp, Managing Director of KONGSBERG

Designing a building to be energy efficient is important, but the potential benefits can only be fully realised if the building is subsequently used intelligently. While it is nice to think that a building could be designed to do all this automatically, the reality is that it requires ongoing focus and attention from the occupier. KONGSBERG’s achievement shows what can be achieved by taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency.

- Bruno Gardner, Managing Director of Low Carbon Workplace at the Carbon Trust


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About the Carbon Trust

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