International expansion of Carbon Trust Standard gathers momentum as it launches in South Korea

The companies have been certified through an innovative and exclusive Alliance Partner agreement between the Carbon Trust and the Korea Productivity Center (KPC).  It is the only organisation that can now audit and certify businesses in South Korea to the Carbon Trust Standard.

Based on a rigorous independent assessment, the Carbon Trust Standard certifies that organisations have measured, managed and reduced carbon emissions across their operations, and are committed to reducing emissions further year-on-year.  Over 600organisations have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard since its launch in 2008, and current holders have achieved over 3.6Mt CO2e of certified reductions and £165m in cost savings.

The Carbon Trust has now certified organisations to the Carbon Trust Standard in five countries in addition to the UK - Belgium, China, Ireland, Italy and South Korea.  The Carbon Trust Standard has the potential to make a very significant impact on carbon emissions in in Korea, as businesses recognise the financial and reputational benefits of certification, and consumers require organisations to prove their environmental credentials.

According to a new international study from the Carbon Trust, nearly three quarters (73%) of young people in South Korea would be more loyal to a brand if they could see it was reducing its carbon footprint.  Seventy-six per cent of those questioned said that companies should be obliged to provide proof of their policy to reduce the carbon footprint of the products they make.  69% would like to see companies' carbon impact quantified by an independent organisation.

Young people in Korea also felt that consumer electronics organisations had the largest responsibility to reduce carbon emissions, followed by providers of consumer healthcare products.  When asked who or what influenced them most regarding their attitudes to the environment, nearly a third (33%) cited the media, followed by advertising (23%).

Tom Delay, Chief Executive, the Carbon Trust, says:  

"As the launch of the Carbon Trust Standard in Korea demonstrates, pioneering organisations around the world are starting to recognise the need to verify that they are acting on carbon.  Our research shows nearly three quarters of young people in South Korea would be more loyal to a brand if they could see it was reducing its carbon footprint.  Through our partnership with KPC, organisations such as Hyundai, Korean Western Power, Samsung and S-Oil are starting to reap the financial and reputational benefits of carbon reduction and are helping to shape the low carbon future of South Korea."

Dongsoo Kim, Director of the Sustainability Management Center at KPC, says:

"We are seeing a huge demand for the Carbon Trust Standard in South Korea, where organisations are seeking trusted, independent, and internationally recognised certification, as consumers at home and abroad demand action on carbon."

Sang Beom Park, Head of CS Environment Center, Samsung Electronics, says:

"In 2009, Samsung Electronics set challenging greenhouse gas reduction targets throughout our Green Management initiative, 'Planet First'. Since then, we are on track to reduce by 50% of financial greenhouse gas emissions intensity from manufacturing facilities by 2013. We are very pleased to have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard Certification thanks to such efforts. Samsung will accelerate the carbon reduction for the protection of the environment."  

Dong Sop Kim, Managing Director of Power Generation Department, Korea Western Power says:

"We, Korea Western Power, have been committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the expansion of renewable energy, such as construction of the world's largest tidal power plant, the nation's first IGCC, and co-firing of biomass fuels in the coal-fired power plant. Also we have been committed to establishing low-carbon management, such as Korea's first certified green management system. I think this Carbon Trust Standard certification is recognition for our efforts, and will be turning point to go one step further towards being a green energy company. "

Jae Hee Lee, Head of HSE Innovation Group, Hyundai Engineering and Construction, says:

"We have a set of greenhouse gas emissions targets, and we implement specific and systematic action plans, in all our business activities including construction sites, to mitigate climate change, recognising that carbon management is the main solution to our sustainable development."

Min Soo Kang, Head of Corporate Planning Division, S-Oil, says:

"S-OIL has established a strategic carbon management system under which it monitors company-wide carbon emissions all year-round through IT systems, forecasts of future emission, and minimizing the cost burden by optimizing the investment portfolio for carbon reduction. S-OIL joins hands, and even takes initiatives in the globe's and Korean government's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in response to climate change while pursuing sustainable growth of the Company."


Notes to editors

The Carbon Trust Standard

The Carbon Trust Standard offers a full service carbon certification service, including: certification, benchmarking, analysis, training and verification.

Over 600 organisations have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard since it was launched in June 2008. 

Collectively, the current holders of the Carbon Trust Standard have cut their emissions by 3.6 million tonnes of CO2e, whilst also cutting their gas, electricity and fuel bills by over £165M. 

To date, the total carbon footprint certified by the Carbon Trust Standard is over 120 million tonnes of CO2e.

All businesses and organisations internationally are eligible to apply for the Carbon Trust Standard, including FTSEs, middle capitalisation companies, small to medium sized enterprises, and public sector organisations. Organisations that are awarded theCarbon TrustStandard hold it for a two year period and to maintain the certification they must reapply and demonstrate that they have continued to make year-on-year reductions in their carbon emissions.

Organisations wanting information about getting the Carbon Trust Standard can call: +44 207 8324655 or visit

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About the Carbon Trust

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