How offshore wind can become a truly global energy source


He has been called the ‘father of the modern wind industry’, with the turbine design he pioneered on his parent’s farm in the 1970’s helping to create a familiar sight on hills and coastlines around the world. At the Carbon Trust’s annual innovation lecture at the British Library, Henrik Stiesdal, the Chief Technical Officer at Siemens Wind Power told an audience of 200 prominent offshore wind stakeholders that offshore wind will be one of the cheapest, scalable solutions for the UK, as compared to other renewables and fossil fuel energy sources by 2025, if the true cost to society is factored into the cost of energy equation.

During the lecture ‘How offshore wind can become a truly global energy source’ Henrik Stiesdal also explored the role innovation must play in ensuring that the technology can be deployed at scale globally and at a lower cost in the coming decade. 

Video: Henrik Stiesdal on the future of offshore wind