GrowHow achieve product carbon footprint certification

GrowHow is responsible for about 35% of the fertiliser used in the UK, with most of the rest imported from abroad. Working with the Carbon Trust, GrowHow has had the carbon footprints of its fertiliser products certified, as well as the reductions that have been achieved. Some of GrowHow's products, including its most popular fertiliser Nitram®, will now carry the Carbon Trust's Carbon Reduction Label, demonstrating real reductions and  showing a commitment to make further reductions in the future.

The food chain is responsible for between 20 and 30% of the UK's consumption-based emissions, and fertiliser is a crucial link within this chain. GrowHow has been working to cut carbon at this stage, with one of the best examples being through acting on direct emissions from nitric acid production - one of the key ingredients of ammonium nitrate fertilisers. The installation of nitrous oxide abatement technology at its Billingham manufacturing site that has led to the direct gaseous emissions from nitric acid production falling from 1.9 t CO2e/t acid to less than 0.1 t CO2e/t acid.