Efficient lighting tops energy efficiency investment league for businesses

Efficient lighting tops the list of green technology investments in a new survey from the Carbon Trust. Over three-quarters of businesses polled[1] (77%) said they’d invested in energy efficient lighting in the past year, followed by employee awareness training (59%) and energy metering, monitoring and targeting technology (57%).   

But while 96% of businesses surveyed said energy efficiency was an important consideration when purchasing or upgrading equipment, only a half (51%) were confident about manufacturers’ energy efficiency claims. 58% of those surveyed said they would have benefited from a trusted database of accredited suppliers in advance of purchasing equipment.

The survey comes as the Carbon Trust announces the launch of its Green Business Directory, a valuable resource for organisations looking to install energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. The Green Business Directory is accessed through the Carbon Trust website, and features energy efficiency and low carbon equipment suppliers that have been independently assessed and accredited via the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme, in recognition of their skills and services in delivering low carbon solutions.  With over 40 accredited suppliers already listed, key technologies currently covered in the Directory including lighting, AM&T (automatic metering & targeting), HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), controls, compressed air, solar PV, biomass, energy efficient UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) and IT, energy efficient hand dryers and voltage management.

Suppliers listed in the Directory benefit from their own summary page, a link to their company website and promotion on the Carbon Trust website, which has over 400,000 unique visitors each year.

Our survey showed that return on investment is the most important factor for organisations considering investing in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies – but accurate business cases require accurate information from suppliers. The Green Business Directory will make it easy for organisations to find independently accredited suppliers who have demonstrated their success in delivering sustainable, low carbon solutions in what is a crowded and fast-growing market.

- Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Business Advice at the Carbon Trust




*About the research

Research was conducted between 6th June and 21st June 2013 by the Carbon Trust amongst 993 businesses who had undergone a technology upgrade programme. Its aim was to gauge business attitudes to energy efficiency and understand where companies go for advice on suppliers.


Full results on the question:

Q. Which of the following technologies have you invested in to improve the energy efficiency of your business in the last year?


Response (%)

Efficient lighting and controls


Employee Awareness


Energy metering, monitoring and targeting


Boilers and boiler controls


Efficient ventilation and air conditioning


Renewable energy




Motors & drives


Compressed air


Industrial processes



About the Carbon Trust:

The Carbon Trust is an independent company with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. The Carbon Trust:

  • Advises businesses, governments and the public sector on opportunities in a sustainable, low carbon world.
  • Measures and certifies the environmental footprint of organisations, products and services.
  • Helps develop and deploy low carbon technologies and solutions, from energy efficiency to renewable power.


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[1] 993 businesses who had undertaken a technology upgrade programme