Carbon Trust to support the delivery of UK PACT’s first project in Colombia to improve energy access in remote areas

UK PACT is a £60 million International Climate Finance programme at the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy dedicated to providing capacity and capability building for countries eligible for Official Development Assistance. The project will apply cost-effective solutions to promote the efficient management of the available resources.

Approximately 3 million people in Colombia have no access to electricity and many live in remote locations unsuitable for connection to the national grid. To address this issue, FENOGE was established with approximately £13million to finance energy access and energy efficiency projects across the country. However, the fund requires support and improved technical capacity to assess and select the necessary projects, which will be provided by the Carbon Trust.

This collaboration is the first UK PACT project in Colombia. The assistance from the UK Government will directly help FENOGE spend its 2019 funding allocation by the December deadline.

This first project of UK PACT in Colombia will support the improving provision of energy access whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by ensuring that critical projects to bring sustainable energy to Colombia’s remote regions can go ahead.

- Dr. Peter Tibber, The British Ambassador to Colombia

Access to affordable, clean energy will help to empower disadvantaged communities and we are thrilled to continue working with the Colombian government on this vital area. This project will enable us to build on the previous work we delivered for the FCO in 2016, to accelerate the implementation of impactful energy access projects. The Carbon Trust will provide advice and tools to empower decision-makers in Colombia with the right information to boost energy access through sustainable energy solutions.

- Daniel Perdomo-Rodriguez, Project Director, the Carbon Trust


About BEIS’ International Climate Finance

BEIS’ International Climate Finance is a UK Government commitment to support developing countries to respond to the challenges and opportunities of climate change. As part of this commitment, BEIS is providing at least £5.8bn of ICF between 2016-2020, aiming for an even split between mitigation and adaptation. This places the UK amongst the world’s leading providers of climate finance.

The focus is on:

  • building the resilience of the poorest people and communities
  • ensuring that the vast expansion in infrastructure in developing countries is low-carbon
  • halting deforestation


BEIS’s UK PACT programme forms part of the UK’s £5.8bn commitment to international climate finance by 2021, as part of the global effort to tackle climate change.