Carbon Trust to support Latin American growth with permanent presence in Brazil

The Carbon Trust has announced that it will support the growing amount of work it is delivering in Brazil by putting in place a permanent on-the-ground presence there. Currently the Carbon Trust has a regional office in Mexico City and is working across a number of other countries in the region including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Panama.

The move was welcomed by the British Ambassador to Brazil, Alex Ellis, who hosted a reception to mark the occasion at his official residence in Brasilia. This was attended by a number of stakeholders from Brazilian government and industry, many of whom have been working directly with the Carbon Trust or have been involved in its recent projects.

The Carbon Trust initially began working in Brazil in 2011, producing a report for Brazil’s energy planning agency, EPE, highlighting how Brazil’s public sector could become more energy efficient. Since then the Carbon Trust has been winning increasing amounts of work in the country, helping it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, become more resource efficient and capture green growth opportunities.

The Carbon Trust’s recent work in Brazil, includes developing Latin America’s first product carbon and water footprinting scheme, designing a programme to improve resource efficiency in the supply chain of Brazil’s beef industry, and evaluating energy efficiency financing solutions for the country’s development bank, BNDES.

"Brazil has an abundance of natural resources, giving it huge potential for success in a sustainable, low carbon future. The country already stands ahead of the most of the world in terms of producing low carbon energy, thanks in particular to its investments in hydroelectric power and biofuels. But there is still a lot more that the country needs to do to improve economic development and environmental sustainability. We look forward to sharing our skills and experience in order to accelerate this transition."

Michael Rea, Chief Operating Officer, Carbon Trust