Carbon Trust in Asia

Last week the Carbon Trust's Chief Executive and COO, Tom Delay and Michael Rea, took a trip to China and Korea in order to visit some of the growing number of Asian businesses and government organisations that are now working with the Carbon Trust.

Proving particularly popular in Asia is the internationally recognised Carbon Trust Standard, awarded to organisations demonstrating their commitment to reducing emissions year-on-year. Meetings were held with some of the region's largest Standard Bearers including Samsung and S-Oil.

The trip also provided an opportunity to attend the presentation ceremony recognising the award of the Carbon Trust Standard to Korean Southern Power. The company achieved a 7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to turnover across all their Korean operations from 2010 to 2012.

The visit coincided with the launch of the Carbon Trust's new international research on business preparedness for a resource crunch. The study has found that:

  • In South Korea 72% of large businesses see carbon emissions as a risk to their reputation
  • In China 79% of large businesses have not taken sufficient action to address risk from carbon emissions due to a lack of knowledge
  • In South Korea 58% of large businesses publicly report on carbon emissions, compared with 59% in the UK and 52% in the USA

For more information on our research then check out the infographic.