Carbon Trust co-authors Review of Current Trends in Wave and Tidal Energy


The Wave & Tidal Energy Strategic Technology Agenda reports that the development of these technologies will depend on overcoming existing barriers to technological progression, finding the right balance of co-operation and competition amongst different actors, and on the availability of specific funds and policies to support the sector’s growth.

The report produced by three SI Ocean partners – the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, the University of Edinburgh and The Carbon Trust – provides a review of the current technological and economic trends in the wave and tidal energy sectors and summarises the issues hindering the sectors development.

The report identifies a number of mechanisms, under a two-pronged strategy of ‘technological development’ and ‘deployment & risk reduction’, which would drive the sector forward towards full-scale commercialisation and competitiveness with other energy sources. These mechanisms focus on demonstrating existing technologies and developing technological solutions for the future.