The Power of the Productive Use of Energy | An Impact Investment Frontier


During the event we will highlight the economic and social need to invest in reliable energy access for businesses and industries across sub-Saharan Africa, and provide a deep dive into the business case for, and impact created by, six projects supported by PREO.

Traditional forms of investment in energy access often fall short in bridging the gap between the high cost of supplying renewable energy to off-grid communities and building consistent and reliable demand from businesses or households through investment in PUE appliances and revenue earning equipment.

Stimulating greater demand through PUE applications is a critical way to support business opportunities, grow local economies and create jobs.


This interactive session will deliver keynotes and expert panel discussions exploring:

• An overview of PUE opportunities available within sectors covered

• How PUE can improve the commercial viability of existing and new business models across sub-Saharan Africa

• The positive social impacts that PUE can have on local communities


Hear first-hand accounts from representatives from the projects featured in the report who will share their stories. This will include two health care projects, two electric motorcycle projects, and two off-grid, agricultural produce cooling projects.

The event will bring together a range of funders and donors, impact investors, project developers, potential partners in the energy access space (agriculture, commercial, industrial, education and health sector) and more.

Please register and join us at this exciting launch.