South Africa Carbon Tax

Please join us for an informative and multi-disciplinary webinar that aims to provide you with key insights into the background and workings of this new legislation.

Hosted by KPMG and Carbon Trust, this interactive, online session will bring together a wide range of expertise to explore the following key topics:

The Big Picture

What does climate change mean for South Africa? Why is carbon regulation and stakeholder reporting expectations on the rise? During our discussion, we will benchmark South Africa’s response to climate change against international trends.

The Carbon Tax

We will explore how this important instrument works, whilst giving you a step-by-step guide on how to ensure compliance, including some quick-win opportunities for your business to reduce its financial exposure.

Other Carbon and Climate legislation

We will provide insights into the other external drivers and regulations that businesses should be aware of regarding climate change.

Thinking differently about your Carbon footprint

This part of the discussion will focus on what your business can do to future-proof around carbon – looking at how you can get on the front foot beyond compliance.


We'll be wrapping up with dedicated time for Q&A. You are more than welcome to submit your questions either upon registration, or post them live during the webinar.