Reuters Events: Hydrogen 2021

Banner reads: Reuters Events Hydrogen 2021 Digital conference and exhibition. Seize market share in the hydrogen economy. #KickstartHydrogen. Knowledge Partner: Carbon Trust.
Four key themes for Hydrogen 2021: 

Governmental action

  • Unraveling the European Commission’s 6 GW of renewable hydrogen by 2024 and 40 GW by 2030 plans
  • Becoming a green hydrogen exporter: policies and agreements positioning Australia and Chile as global leaders 
  • North America, lagging behind? Uncovering which federal and state initiatives can unleash zero and low carbon hydrogen production

Developing the hydrogen business model

  • Engaging off-takers and enhancing demand for hydrogen through staying cost competitive in transport and industry
  • High level ideas versus investable programs: sourcing capital through displaying value to investors
  • De-risking hydrogen projects to improve bankability

Hydrogen production at scale: how, where and when?

  • Developer case studies: deep-dive into largest existing zero and low carbon hydrogen projects across the world
  • Supply chain readiness for expansion: leveraging local content and thinking global
  • Targeting markets ready for deployment and unlocking markets with potential

Transportation and logistics

  • Building a national hydrogen delivery infrastructure, including storage sites
  • Utilising existing infrastructure, such as the gas grid
  • Reducing delivery cost, increasing energy efficiency, maintaining hydrogen purity, and minimising hydrogen leakage