Manage And Reduce Your Energy Costs: Practical Tips For Welsh Organisations

Small to medium sized businesses can easily save between 20 and 30% on their energy costs and improve their bottom line, through the implementation of energy efficiency measures. However, undertaking energy saving initiatives can be a daunting task. The webinar will explore some of the simple and effective energy saving solutions available, and how to overcome typical challenges experienced when carrying out projects.

Presented by an expert from the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Loan Fund, it will cover information on other services available and financing opportunities available.

The Energy Efficiency Loan Fund

Let us help you become more resource efficient with an interest-free loan for your next energy efficiency project.

Over the last 16 years, our Energy Efficiency Loan Fund has supported over 700 small and medium-sized organisations realise lifetime savings of over £65m (accumulative), with associated emission savings of more than 320K tonnes CO2e. We can provide funding of up to £200,000 so that you can invest in energy efficiency projects to improve cash flow and become more competitive. 


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We can support a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects including lighting, solar PV, heating and many more.

Energy Efficiency Loan Fund 

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