Green H2 Tech Week

The event will focus on the now and what is possible in the current circumstances for each part of the value chain to be able to come together and serve different types of end customers as soon as possible. 

It will answer questions like "How should the value chain share the risks and technologies to speed up the process of green hydrogen becoming available at an affordable price and reduce the time lag on commissioning new production facilities and infrastructure? And most importantly, what are the practical implications for offtakers and what can they expect in terms of availability, timelines, costs and requirements?"

 Join the leading European energy companies, utilities, OEMs, TSOs, DSOs and pioneering offtakers to learn what to expect from green hydrogen project development in 2023 and beyond, as well as identify opportunities for cooperation and partnership.

Our expert, Rob Bloom, will speak on the 'How to develop a symbiotic relationship between renewable power operators and hydrogen manufacturers and what would that look like?' panel discussion, 11:40am-12:25pm, on 26 April.