Future X heat takeover – innovations to decarbonise heat, at Futurebuild

Future Build promotional image

We will explore the following topics, with input from multiple government-funded programmes such as Heat Pump Ready and Green Home Finance Accelerator:

10:30-11:15Design matters! Improving the survey, design, and installation process of low carbon heating technologies
11:30-12:15Industrialising retrofit: improving the process of net zero heat upgrades to buildings  
13:15-14:00Working smarter, not harder. How smart and flexible heating systems can improve performance and the customer experience 
14:15-15:00Fast-tracking innovation: barriers to the adoption of innovation in the energy efficiency retrofit market 
15:15-16:00Up-front costs to retrofit. How to deal with the elephant in the room
16:15-17:00Meet the innovators behind the hottest innovations in the low carbon heat space

Government-funded projects from Heat Pump Ready, Green Home Finance Accelerator, and the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, among others, will be speaking and exhibiting in Future X.

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