Financial Times: Future of Asset Management - North America


As the asset and wealth management industries start to look beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry faces a future with a new set of challenges. Market tailwinds are fading and being replaced by a tough macroeconomic environment featuring rising interest rates, inflationary pressures and a retraction of fiscal stimulus. Asset management leaders of tomorrow must look to form new strategic frameworks to ensure they continue to deliver value for investors in the face of such macro headwinds whilst also looking to capitalise on developing megatrends such as technological advancements, the rise of ESG investing and a shifting of investor demographics. 


Key Themes

The era of implementation
Integrating ESG activities and committing to net zero

Deploying distribution technology
Redefining relationships, reacting to change and reaping returns

Digital assets and crypto
Is a revolution around the corner for asset managers?

The asset management revolution
Preparing for a shift of wealth and a transformational change

Structural change and a digital shift
Reshaping the operating environment with technology

Next generation
Attracting the next generation of asset managers and capturing emerging talent

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