Developing smart electricity networks in the UK

Key areas for discussion include:

  • steps for developing smart retail energy markets,
  • utilisation of smart tariffs and behind-the-meter technology, and
  • reforming the regulatory system to deliver whole-system change.

The agenda:

  • Priorities for developing smart electricity networks - digitisation, infrastructure modernisation, and reducing barriers to entry;
  • Next steps for smart electricity markets - delivering smart tariffs, consumer benefits, and supporting competition;
  • Innovation in grid operations and utilising digital technology - research, AI, and designing smart energy platforms;
  • Establishing a System Operator model fit for achieving net-zero emissions - flexibility, smart technology, and keeping costs low for consumers;
  • Delivering whole-system change, and making the energy system smarter and more efficient;
  • Integrating distributed assets and opportunities for decarbonising energy supply and the grid;
  • Creating a regulatory framework for smart electricity - code reform, balancing networks, and supporting smart services; and
  • Policy priorities for developing smart electricity networks in the UK - measures achieved so far and steps for addressing remaining objectives.

This is a full-scale conference taking place online.