Decarb Connect North America


Join pragmatic and high-energy leaders from across North America to assess the most competitive business models and roadmaps – but also to kick start valuable collaborations that will prime you for delivering your net zero plans.

The summit is co-created with the Decarbonization Leaders Network. We’re gathering COOs, CTO & SVPs of decarbonization from across the hard-to-abate sectors to examine both short and longer term decarbonization models:

  • Explore examples of energy efficiency projects, carbon capture, opportunities for process re-design and other case studies that show how to limit industrial waste emissions
  • Discuss alternative fuels for high industrial heat and energy-intensive processes from hydrogen to bioenergy
  • Learn about emerging CO2 hubs and how you can plan for them operationally and financially
  • Meet the ecosystem of partners creating high-value products from CO2 that is currently going uncaptured and unvalued across your operations
  • Learn from industrials starting out on their decarbonization journey and those with active pilots generating results