Decarb Connect Festival


Join 300+ senior executives virtually at the Decarb Connect Global Festival for three days of high-level discussion around; industrial decarbonisation pathways, economics and business models. If you are responsible for defining industrial net zero strategy, or for implementing it, this is your cohort.
Participate in panel discussions, and private roundtables and explore:

•    Pathway to net-zero - How to move beyond “low hanging fruit” to deeper decarbonisation
•    Financing the energy transition - how to match the needs of industrial transformation with the investor appetite
•    Industry perspectives - piloting of tech projects and decarbonisation ‘as-a-service’
•    Innovation - Policies, incentives and technologies that are set to drive ‘deep’ decarbonisation
•    Voluntary carbon offsets - A critical piece of decarbonisation strategy or a get-out-of-jail-free card?
•    The future of the hydrogen market - will this be driven by demand-side famine or supply-side feast?

Attend Decarb Connect Festival to meet, discuss and bring people into your project plans who have experience and see a shared win. Plus get the inside story, experiences and updates on the latest technologies, innovations and projects. 
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