Decarb Connect EU


Join us to hear working examples of how the innovation-to-scale cycle is being accelerated.

  • Find out how to access the types of capital mobilising to help projects initiate industry pilots and scalable projects

  • Get the inside story from 30+ industrials, each implementing zero or low-carbon projects to tackle emissions; learn about how they are overcoming technical and systemic issues

  • Learn about the progress of projects in CCUS, green and blue hydrogen, & advanced energy efficiency.

  • Get the inside story on those companies pivoting to pursue carbon as a business model vs problem: what is the opportunity that they see, and how could it apply to y our sector?

The event will also showcase projects between major industrials and tech disruptors forging pathways to long-term decarbonisation. You’ll explore the latest results of European projects in carbon capture, carbon reuse, industrial fuel transition, hydrogen-power industrial heat, tech and analytics. You’ll examine deals done and will find out how early stage tech is being scaled to meet the needs of industries in transition.

On Thursday 7th October at 14:35, our hydrogen expert Serene Esuruoso will be moderating the panel discussion Hydrogen Rainbow: Business models and economics. Expect to learn about what developments will drive the cost of production and transportation down and how to switch to hydrogen once it is available.


Tune in to join the entire industrial eco-system to come together and define the right pathways to our net zero future. Quote TRUST30 to save 30% on rates to attend.