Communicating your environmental action with transparency

Communicating your environmental action with transparency webinar

There has been a proliferation of green claims as businesses reduce their climate impact, empowering consumers to choose products or brands that are taking positive environmental action. With increased visibility and more climate action, green claims have received bad press, challenged ads and fines. At the same time, the regulatory landscape is signalling the end of misleading and unsubstantiated claims with legislative changes. Instead, it seeks to drive an increase in credible claims, based on clear fact, evidence and with appropriate communication.

This increased scrutiny causes businesses to reflect: how can we accurately communicate our product’s environmental performance and provide consumer transparency?

During this session, our experts and speakers will discuss the rapidly changing space of climate claims. Since launching the world's first product carbon footprint label in 2007, expectations on businesses to take climate action and to be transparent about it have grown significantly. We will outline what upcoming regulatory changes will mean for businesses and how you can elevate your communications to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing. In this webinar, we will discuss:


1 - The new legislative changes and what these mean for businesses.

Learn about the fast-changing label landscape and some of the key global dynamics. Hear from our Label Programme Director, John Newton, as he outlines the upcoming legislative changes from the EU Green Claims Directive and how businesses can adapt to be future fit.


2 - The role of a successful communications strategy: being bold and clear.

40% of businesses’ green claims could be misleading. With climate commitments coming under increasing scrutiny, greenwashing has emerged as a significant worry for businesses. We know businesses want to be honest with their customers about their green credentials, but it may not always be clear how to do this. Our Marketing Director, Julia Nicora, will explain the importance of communicating your sustainability efforts in line with global best practices.


3 - Q&A session to answer any key questions you have on this topic.

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