Climate Capital Live - Financial Times


As we move beyond the pandemic, it is clear that climate change is the most pertinent and existential crisis facing the world. As the latest IPCC report highlighted it is an all encompassing challenge, impacting all spheres of life and every region of the world. Even with the commitments made at COP26 to phase down coal, cut methane emissions and halt deforestation, some reports suggest the world is still on track for 2.4C of warming by 2030.

 It is now clear, more than ever, that unless governments, businesses and investors instigate rapid, sustained and large-scale reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C will very soon be beyond reach. 

FT Climate Capital Live 2022 is a platform for politicians, business leaders and financiers to evaluate the risks and opportunities they face in light of the climate crisis. Providing actionable insights on how regulatory changes, business strategies and innovative financing structures are moving the world forward to achieve net-zero goals and rapidly reduce GHG emissions through action rather than talk.

Speakers and attendees will be able to join in person in London or virtually online. 

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