2020 vision: becoming a CDP A-lister

image looking up at high-rise office buildings

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) assesses organisations on their progress toward meeting their sustainability goals. An organisation’s CDP score demonstrates the actions and approaches in managing climate change, and can greatly affect the way partners, consumers, clients and the public perceive it.

This webinar, hosted by Carbon Trust experts, will cover top tips on how to respond and actions required to boost your CDP score and join the A List - the organisations leading on environmental transparency and performance.

This webinar will cover:
      • Shadow scoring – working out the gaps between you and becoming an A-lister
      • Verification – boost your score and reap the wider benefits
      • TCFD – the key to the questionnaire
      • STAR framework and other quick wins

There will also be time to ask our experts questions, or you can email these through in advance of the webinar.

Please note this webinar is for Carbon Trust corporate clients and stakeholders only. We reserve the right to decline registrations in order to ensure an appropriate audience for the webinar.