ORJIP for Offshore Wind: Range dependent nature of impulsive noise - analysis of existing data & development of method for incorporation into noise impact assessments (RaDIN)

Calling for entries from companies and consortia interested in developing a framework for use in noise impact assessments that will a) assesses the impulsivity of noise with range from the source, and b) incorporates a measure of impulsivity in addition to the standard use of sound levels and frequencies to estimate the subsequent risk of injury to marine mammals.

The project has three main activities:

  1. Review the existing literature on the transition from impulsive to non-impulsive noise characteristics, with a view to considering appropriate metrics that can be used relative to the mechanism of noise impact at the mammalian ear. 
  2. Collate and analyse field data to investigate the range dependent nature of impulsive noise from pile driving and UXO detonation.
  3. Develop a framework combining the above that can be incorporated into noise impact assessments.

The deadline for clarification questions has passed. 

The closing date to receive tender submissions is 24 May 2022 12:00 BST.

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines, to oliver.patrick@carbontrust.com and ivan.savitsky@carbontrust.com

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