Floating Wind Joint Industry Project: Fatigue analysis of Electrical Equipment in floating structures (HVEF)

Calling for entries from companies and consortia interested to undertake a study to understand the challenges and solutions for electrical equipment in floating wind applications.

The FLW JIP wish to obtain a greater understanding of fatigue analysis of electrical equipment in floating structures through the identification of relevant forces and weak points of electrical equipment sensitive to acceleration stress. This should advise on potential design changes required and a type-test program for floating wind applications. 

This project aims to benefit the floating offshore wind industry by providing a basis of feasibility for the application of electrical components in floating wind; and identifying the associated risks and costs incurred. 

Clarification question deadline has passed. There is no clarification question and answer document for this tender.

The closing date to receive tender submissions is 08 September 2021 12:00 BST.

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines, to david.plunkett@carbontrust.com, with floatingwind@carbontrust.com in copy.

About the Floating Wind Joint Industry Project