Floating Wind Joint Industry Project: Dynamic Cable Failure Rates and Standards (DCFR)

Calling for entries from companies and consortia interested to undertake a study to understand the key failure modes and standards for dynamic cables for floating wind farms.

The FLW JIP wish to obtain a greater understanding of dynamic cable failure rates and standards, to assist with the understanding a data collection required for future floating wind development and dynamic cable modelling and/or testing. The outputs of this work should provide failure rates for dynamic cables to be used for OPEX calculations in floating wind farm development; standardise test methods for dynamic cables; and standardise fatigue modelling methods for dynamic cables. This will allow industry to have a standard process when working with dynamic cables to reduce the overall cost of dynamic cables.

This project aims to benefit the floating offshore wind industry by providing a basis of cable failure calculations which is crucial when estimating operational cost, insurance, and advising on final investment decisions. 

Clarification questions should be received by 30 July 2021 17:00 BST. Answers to these questions will be posted below by 06 August.

The closing date to receive tender submissions is 10 September 2021 12:00 BST.

All clarification questions and tender submissions should be sent electronically, by their respective deadlines, to david.plunkett@carbontrust.com, with floatingwind@carbontrust.com in copy.

About the Floating Wind Joint Industry Project