Offshore Wind Accelerator: Soil thermal properties for subsea cable design

Calling for entries from companies and consortia interested to undertake a study to investigate assessment of thermal properties of soils and implications for subsea cable design.

The main objectives of this work are to:

  • investigate the cost implications of poor characterisation of the thermal properties of soil for a subsea cable design from a material/manufacturing point of view;
  • establish an overview of all testing techniques available both in terms of laboratory and in-situ tests and evaluate their potential for offshore use;
  • identify aspects of subsea cable design that are challenged by offshore conditions compared with onshore cable design practice (i.e. HDDs, fully saturated conditions, a more stable ambient temperature field);
  • develop a framework for determining characteristic values for design that will account for pre- and post-installation conditions for cable design;
  • develop best practice guidelines for scoping, executing, and interpreting both in-situ and laboratory tests of thermal properties of soils (i.e. thermal conductivity and heat capacity) for subsea cables;
  • develop recommendations for improvements of measurement techniques and interpretation of results for offshore use.

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The closing date to receive tender submissions is 7 August 12:00 BST.

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